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Benefits of Mexican Dental Work

You may wonder why everyone is getting their dental work with a dentist in Tijuana. Well, good reasons are behind this current wave of dental tourists, coming mainly from the U.S. and Canada. In this article, you will read some of the advantages that will make you reconsider any second thoughts. These are the affordable prices in Mexican Dentistry, all kinds of dental specialists that guarantee their job. Of course some disadvantages you may have already thought of, like traveling miles to have a dental appointment, risk safety, or not reliable dentists.

There is more than one Dental Destination such as Thailand, Mexico City, Cancun; those are just a few, still, Tijuana’s crossing borders result in the most convenient for people coming from the U.S. and Canada. Timely and truthful information is the key, we encourage you to ask all the questions you need, to make the best out of this experience.

Cheap Dentistry

For decades, Tijuana has been emblematic in saving American and Canadian patients thousands of dollars in dental treatment. The reason why the cost of Dental Care in Mexico is cheaper, it is not related to bad or low-quality treatment. It is related to the cost of living, education, rental, material, we may reduce it to the National currency.

It is true that the costs are really low, but they maintain the same high standards that you would expect from an American dentist. We are talking about savings of 50-70% on the cost of dental work with a dentist in Mexico.

It is a great deal for any type of medical treatment; considering that medical insurance won’t cover all types of surgery, also if your doctor gives you a prescription you can fill it in at a Mexican Pharmacy as well at a reduced price. The cost savings have helped many people to smile with confidence again.

It is advisable that you get an estimate of the dental work costs in the U.S. Get your x-rays if you can, you can send them through email to your dental clinic in Mexico, so they can provide you a treatment plan, this way you will have an idea of the costs, maybe you will have to make extra trips or get referral services of specialists.

Time efficiency

Due to the lack of specialists for different areas in Dental Clinics, some U.S. and Canadian dentists perform practices that would be in better hands with a specialist. However, this situation represents a big challenge for dental patients, for example, if the patient needs a root canal, he would need to schedule an appointment with an endodontist, which may take weeks.

Imagine having to visit 3 different clinics, in three different weeks, for a single dental crown, considering that sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment with an American dentist. When people from Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona need emergency dental work, it is easier to schedule an appointment in Mexico if they have the possibility to just drive there and get it done faster and cheaper in a few hours.

Mexican dentists usually work in groups and many dental clinics even have their own laboratory and high-tech equipment to work with, that is the answer to why they work faster. They are aware that thousands of people come from different destinations, and it is not in their plans to stay long. So, a single dental clinic offers all the same dental treatment options in one place.

High Quality

Nevertheless, the question that makes most people hesitate a little is still pending… Will I get quality dental care? Yes, it is highly probable that you will find a dental clinic working with reputable dentists and specialists, each of them performing its role efficiently. According to a report of healthcare issues in Washington, 90 percent of the dental care received in Mexico has been rated good or excellent, just be careful of that 10% of bad dentists.

Many Dental offices have developed an excellent reputation in High-Quality Dental Care during decades, the materials and the technology that dentists in Mexico use is not different from the ones used in the U.S., and many dentists are part of the American Dental Association; still, it is important that you get some referrals to find a licensed dentist.

There are also plenty of agencies and websites that you can use as sources of information for expert advice on dental prices and reviews. They work only with reputable clinics and have checked their background and reviews for your safety to ensure that their recommendations make the best possible outcomes and avoid you ending up with a random dentist.

In case you do not speak Spanish, the language barrier is not an issue. Dental clinics have dentists and staff totally capable of helping you during the whole process. It is understandable that it is hard to trust when you are unsure of the information because of language barriers, so dentists are fluent in English.


Leaving your country might be considered a disadvantage for some people, especially because they risk the safety they have at home; but when is necessary is important for people to have in mind that Mexico is not always as dangerous as pictured on TV, still, it is normal to have some concerns and solve them getting into a resource that helps you plan step by step a successful trip.

Medical Tourism is important in Mexico, dental clinics and dental departures are situated in the most friendly areas with all the services. Many of them are just across the border, like this little Mexican border town known as Molar City, that welcomes hundreds of Medical Tourists. That is just an example of popular dentist towns and how much effort dental clinics put into the comfort of their patients. It is common that Dental Clinics in Mexico are surrounded by all kinds of amenities to relax; such as spas, restaurants, pubs.

There are many Dental Tourism Destinations across the border, you can get affordable dentistry in any of the border towns, patients often come with friends or families, and plan a dental vacation with the family. That is always a good idea, salespeople can offer you and your family a wide list of tourist destinations where you can also get your treatment done. Also, they can help you if you need transportation, shuttle services from the airport making prevailing the cheap prices.