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Top 10 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

foods that damage teeth

Good oral health is essential to maintain quality of life, as damaged teeth cause problems. Healthy gums and teeth make food enjoyable, speech clearer, and our appearance much more youthful.

However, over time, problems can occur that affect oral health, usually due to poor hygiene habits. Although a large part of these problems is also due to the consumption of foods that damage teeth, as the residues silently attack the teeth.  

What your teeth say about you

Teeth can tell a lot about a person because they are an essential part of the body, along with the tongue, gums, and breath. A set that should be given the necessary attention to prevent bacteria from starting to damage the mouth’s health; therefore, most of the time, yellowed or decayed teeth reflect carelessness.

This makes it unpleasant for some people to see smiles that show teeth with caries or cavities. But it is often not enough to brush your teeth to keep good oral health; avoiding foods that damage teeth and paying attention to our cleaning method are necessary.

10 foods that are dangerous for your teeth

You should know that cavities develop gradually, so you should maintain healthy oral habits. Otherwise, no matter how much you avoid these foods, you can still get cavities.

  1. Coffee

Although coffee is a beverage that can provide many benefits, it can also cause stains on your teeth. In addition, it alters the pH balance, and because it is an acidic food, it can damage teeth even more. In many cases, it is due to excessive coffee consumption that dentists must perform dental restorations in Tijuana. 

  1. Dried fruits

People usually talk about the benefits that dried fruits can bring. However, it is a food that has significant amounts of sugar. In addition, it is very common for them to get stuck to the teeth, as they are usually difficult to remove, slowly damaging the teeth.

  1. Candies 

Like dried fruits, candies are one of the foods that damage teeth that you should try to avoid if you want to maintain good dental health. Even if sweets aren’t sticky, the sugar residue with saliva stays in the mouth so that bacteria can breed.

Excessive consumption of sweets can damage the teeth so much that, in many cases, it is necessary to place affordable dental implants. The tooth ends up being lost due to the damage caused by the sugar, and it is necessary to extract the tooth.

  1. Citrus and acidic foods

If these foods are consumed a lot, the enamel of the teeth can be eroded, making the tooth more exposed to further damage. 

  1. Soda and juices

Sodas and juices, no matter what kind of sugary drinks they are, all of them can increase the risk of cavities, as they are foods that damage teeth. 

  1. Blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates

These foods are characteristic of pigmenting the teeth if consumed long-term. Therefore it is recommended to moderate their consumption. If the teeth end up stained, it is advisable to go to the dentist for treatment to make them return to normal.

  1. Vinegar

We are not only referring to the consumption of vinegar itself but also to all foods that are macerated with this product. Since it is a food with a high acid content, it is straightforward to end up damaging the enamel of the teeth, and there are even cases in which the damage is irreversible. 

That is why vinegar is considered one of the foods that damage teeth, whose frequent consumption should be avoided. 

  1. Tea

Frequent consumption of tea can also be a reason to visit the dentist. Like coffee, it contains tannins that can cause unpleasant stains on your teeth. 

  1. Wine

Both white and red wine can affect your teeth, causing them to stain or darken due to the damage they cause. That is why they are considered one of the foods that damage teeth, so it is advisable to drink them in moderation and rinse your mouth with plain water.

  1. Ice

There is no doubt that chewing ice is one of the reasons why teeth get chipped. This causes bacteria to do their thing without patients realizing it, and by the time they start to feel pain, the tooth has decayed too much.

Dental Services for Your Damaged Teeth

Besides consuming foods that damage teeth, many other factors can damage your teeth; that is why it is necessary to visit an oral health professional because only a dentist can evaluate your case and offer you the most appropriate services.

At Pacific Implant Center, you can find the services of certified dentists committed to excellence. You must have a pleasant experience; that’s why we not only tell you which foods damage teeth you should avoid.

We also perform dental restorations in Tijuana and place affordable dental implants if necessary. As experts in dental implants in Mexico, we will give you all the help you need to recover your smile.So if you are looking for a dentist in Tijuana: Pacific Implant Center is for you.

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