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For over 14 years we’ve helped thousands of patients recover the beautiful smile they used to have. We are experts in smile reconstruction using the latest dental implant techniques and procedures. Our implant specialists are U.S. trained dentist in Tijuana with the knowledge and experience to help you smile once again.

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We have designed our dental clinic in Tijuana to ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. From the moment you walk in you will notice that our patients are our #1 priority. From the state-of-the-art facilities to the caring staff and expert dentists in Tijuana, your visit to Pacific Dental will be one of a kind. Our prices are also a reason why many patients keep coming back and tell their friends about us. Most dental treatments are expensive, but at Pacific Dental you can expect to pay about 70% less than what you would pay in the USA for the same quality treatments.

Pacific Dental is your best dentist in Tijuana Mexico!

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Dentist in Tijuana

At Pacific Dental we stand out for having more than 14 years of experience, during which we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to helping hundreds of patients with their oral health, recovering their beautiful smiles.

We are the best choice if you are looking for an experienced team of dentists in Tijuana, because we know how important it is the health of the teeth, keeping them healthy and beautiful. That is why we have become experts in rebuilding smiles. We are constantly updating ourselves with the highest technology and also using the most modern dental techniques and procedures, with the only purpose of making our patients feel comfortable while we give them what they are looking for: a beautiful and healthier smile.

As a dentist in Tijuana, we stand out for the excellent service we provide in each and every one of our dental services. With the experience and knowledge of our team, we have helped thousands of patients recover their smiles at affordable prices, compared to the cost of dental care in the United States and Canada.

An advantage of our dental facilities is that we are located only 5 minutes from the border with San Diego and 30 minutes away from the airport. So any US and Canadian person who is looking for an affordable dentist in Tijuana, no doubt can opt for us, as we are one of the dental clinics that provides the latest and most modern advances in restoration, prevention and cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana for an excellent price and quality of service.

Our team of dentists in Tijuana are perfectly trained, in fact, they have received the best and most advanced professional education in the United States in some of the best schools such as Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Loma Linda University School Of Dentistry, and others.

A very important factor that differentiates us from other clinics is that we have our own dental laboratory with the best certified dental technicians, so our dental treatments have a lower cost than most other dentists in Tijuana. It is worth mentioning that our dental laboratory has been established for many years, in which it has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of products, equipment and service we offer our patients.

We offer many different types of treatments by the most qualified dentists in the field, this is one of the reasons why people make the decision to come to our dental office. Here they can find affordable treatments and excellent customer service. Our dentist in Tijuana team has attended thousands of patients, solving their problems and giving them more confidence and pain-free with a great service attitude.

So if you need a dentist in Tijuana for any kind of dental service like dental implants, endodontics, dental bridges, dental crowns, tooth extraction, tooth replacement procedure, zirconium crowns, smile makeovers, root canals therapy, or any other treatment, visit us at Pacific Dental, where we offer you excellent services and most importantly, at the best prices. If you want to know more about our services or you want to find us, get in touch with us and we will give you all the information you need. You will discover for yourself why we are known as the best dentist in Tijuana.

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Dental Laboratory

Something that sets Pacific Implant Center apart from other dental clinics, is that we have our own dental laboratory staffed with certified dental technicians, which allows us to provide our patients with lower dental treatment costs. Learn more >>


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If you are looking for affordable dental care, then you’ll be happy to know that our team of dental professionals in Tijuana Mexico is ready to help you smile with confidence once again. Get in touch with us right now!