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Here’s why you should floss your teeth

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One thing a Tijuana dentist will highly recommend to patients is to brush their teeth at least once a day. Beyond having fresh breath, the reason is that it helps to keep their teeth healthy, avoiding the need for dental implants in Mexico. Still, something that many patients skip is flossing, which is an excellent complement when it comes to having good teeth brushing.

Why should I floss my teeth?

Dental floss goes unnoticed among many people because they believe brushing teeth is enough to have healthy and durable teeth. Still, the reality is that toothbrushes, no matter how advanced they are nowadays, are not enough to give us a deep cleaning because the bristles do not reach parts that the floss can easily reach.

The plaque between the teeth is one of the main reasons why cavities appear and also the cause of bad breath even when we use the best toothbrush, the best toothpaste, and in any case, the best mouthwash. Therefore, dental floss can reach those parts of the teeth more efficiently and prevent our gums from suffering the consequences.

Dental floss is not only in charge of cleaning the plaque between the teeth but also of cleaning the food remains that are stuck between the teeth, which many times go unnoticed.

If dental floss is so essential, why do many people choose not to use it?

Some people fear the floss can cause significant injuries such as a cut. Although it may seem exaggerated, the reality is that fear of using something you have never used before is extremely common.

The most common answers are; that they don’t want to spend on this kind of product or because they used it once and didn’t know how to use it, and prefer not to use it again. But remember, if you want a magnificent smile like our patients, using it after brushing and before rinsing is essential.

How to use it?

This is the most crucial question you have asked yourself while reading about the benefits of using it, What is the correct use of dental floss? Here is a step-by-step guide to the proper use of dental floss to avoid discomfort.

  1. The first and essential step before floss is to brush your teeth to ease their use correctly.
  2. Good hand washing to prevent bacteria from entering.
  3. Cut a piece of floss of approximately 12 inches or 20 inches.
  4. The floss should be unrolled between the middle fingers of both hands (remember to leave about 2 inches in the center).
  5. The index fingers and thumbs will be used to make a clamp for easier handling of the floss.
  6. In this step, you should use different portions of the floss for each tooth, using the first one to introduce the floss between the teeth to remove the plaque. Once you reach the gum line, bend the floss and carefully remove the bacteria. Remember to repeat these same steps with each tooth using a different floss part.
  7. To finish, use your favorite mouthwash, and you will have a deep clean for your gorgeous teeth.

A dentist in Tijuana will recommend using it at least once a day, although most patients prefer to do it at night before going to sleep to avoid the spread of plaque at night.

At Pacific Implant Center, we make sure you have the best smile by providing our services such as affordable dental implants, crowns, and dental restorations, among others, and by giving tips to prevent cavities at home and avoid the discomfort they cause.

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