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Why do People Prefer Dental Implants in Mexico?

why do people prefer dental implants in Mexico

Dentists in Mexico are recognized by people from different parts of the world as a safe option for any dental procedure. Both in the north and south of Mexico, there are cities known for their high-quality dental clinics. One of these cities is Tijuana, known not only for its lifestyle, entertainment, and food but also because it is one of the main cities where foreigners go to have dental procedures, making it one of the most sought-after cities. 

In Tijuana, you can find dental services ranging from dental cleaning to total teeth reconstruction at a lower cost than in other countries and with excellent results.

On this occasion, we will talk exclusively about dental implants and why more and more people are deciding to undergo this dental procedure in Tijuana.

First of all, what are dental implants?

Dental implants are a highly effective way to restore one or more missing teeth. Dental implants work as a screw implanted into the bone safely. Then a dental crown made of a biocompatible material similar to a natural tooth is placed. In Tijuana, you can find affordable dental implants and, above all, at an excellent price.

How efficient is their functionality?

The material used for dental implants has average durability of 20 to 25 years. And since they are biocompatible materials, they provide more comfort to the mouth and allow activities such as chewing and drinking food usually, without having to remove anything. You can even brush your teeth thoroughly with dental floss and mouthwash without fearing it may come out. 

Of course, it is always necessary to visit your dentist to verify everything is in order or in case of any discomfort.

Tijuana, city of dentistry

Dental implants are not only safe for your mouth, but they are also easy to place if you attend a good dentist in Tijuana. Dentists in Tijuana offer more than just safety for your mouth, they provide a guarantee in their services that can last for years.

People from abroad, mainly from the United States and Canada, come yearly to Tijuana for all kinds of dental procedures, especially dental implants. Compared to other clinics, they offer affordable prices and different financing methods with the same quality.

To be sure that you will be able to recover your smile once you have lost a tooth is possible, and you will find it in this city located a few minutes away from the border with the United States.

Pacific Implant Center, the dental clinic you were looking for

If you have any doubts about where you can go for a dental implant procedure, at Pacific Implant Center, we can help you. We are located in New City Medical Plaza, a few minutes across the border with the United States. We are a clinic committed to giving the best guarantee to our patients, from personalized treatment to different kinds of financing, to keep your budget affordable.

Supported by the latest technology and a staff of highly trained dentists in different areas, we are the reason why people from abroad request dental implants in Mexico without hesitation. Made of titanium, we ensure that the material will be 100% biocompatible with your jaw, guaranteeing that your body won’t produce any immune reaction or attempt to reject the implant.

The most efficient way to contact us is through our website, where you can schedule an appointment for a pre-assessment: this is a requirement that will be needed to perform any kind of dental procedure. Once the evaluation is completed, the dentist will notify you which method (s) you need or which procedure(s) are most suitable for you.

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